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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


6. American Consumer Panel- is an online survey panel operated by Decision Analyst Inc. since 1997. The panel currently has over 6 million members across 150 countries and is a member of many marketing associations. American Consumer Opinion awards its survey panelists with cash rewards for every survey taken, and also offers monthly member cash draws as well as draws for survey screeners.
7. 20/20 Research- is an online survey panel which has been conducted online surveys since 2000. 20/20 conducts online surveys as well as real time focus groups in an online chatroom environment. 20/20 Research compensates its panel members with cash rewards in exchange for their survey or focus group participation.
8. NPD Online Reasearch- is an online survey panel operated by NPD Group. NPD Online Research currently has over 3 million panelists and researches consumer attitudes and behaviors amongst a variety of different demographics. Online survey panel members of NPD Online Research receive entries to win cash and prizes (and instant win opportunities, if applicable) in exchange for their survey participation.
9. Survey Savvy- Was paid a couple of times in this site already. SurveySavvy claims it has paid out more cash to its members than any other online market research company - approximately $14 million dollars. Approximately $3.00 is paid to members for each survey completion. As a bonus, SurveySavvy offers entries into monthly sweepstakes every time a panelist does not qualify for a survey but has completed the survey screener.
10. Mindfield Online- is an online survey panel operated by McMillion Research. Mindfield and McMillion Research are active members of some of America’s largest marketing associations. Survey panelists of Mindfield Online receive cash awards as well as entries into cash prize draws in exchange for their online survey participation.


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