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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


1. VIEWPOINTFORUM- This is the first survey site that i would recommend to everyone. Very legit and pays fast through check. A week after i joined, i was able to cashed out already. It will be easy to cash out fast when you have at least 5 friends that you can refer because each referral is 100 points. And the minimum cash out is 375 points which is $10.00 right away. So check it out now and inform me if you are interested so i can send you a referral. You will not become a member if nobody refer you. They are strict on that because they don't want scam artist people. So if you are serious of making a little extra money then this site is good for you.
2. Pinecone Research- My second favorite survey site. Pinecone Research is an exclusive online survey panel that acquires new members via an invitation-only process. Every so often Pinecone Research opens its panel up to new members temporarily, using recruitment methods such as online banner advertisements. Pinecone Research typically rewards its panelists with $3.00 cash payments for every survey completed. Occasionally they also mail out products for their members to test. I receive a couple of products to test from them already. You can't become a member if nobody invites you and if pinecone are not recruiting but they will every now and then.
3. Lightspeedpanel- If you are a survey enthusiast then lightspeed panel is good for you. They have a lot of surveys to offer everyday. I was paid a couple of times already and now the payment is much more quicker since they now pay through paypal. Minimum cash out is 575 points which is $5.00.
4. MyPoints- I got paid 4 times already, easy to earn points. You can redeem your points for a gift card. I usually redeemed my points for kmart giftcard. If you are interested let me know, i can invite you and of course that will help me earn more points.
5. Inbox Dollars- Easy to earn and give $5.00 when you sign up. click here


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afparks said...

thanks Julius, I added your link to my site. happy blogging!

Mohamed Taher said...

Julius, thanks for sending my message.
Felisa: Nothing in personal, but the blogosphere has this sad tendency.
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afparks said...

MOhamed thanks for the comment but what are you talking about?