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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Today i called up our digital cable service provider. Since we started service from them, there is always a problem with our cable bill. It's always not right, and they can't even explain where those other fees come from. We sign up from 6 months ago, and since the first bill up until today, it's never been right. So my husband and i got tired and i call up and just have them disconnect it. When they ask me the reason i told them, because the people working on the billing department don't know how to calculate. They keep on asking apology everytime we call when we got our wrong bill and that's all we get. Time warner cable is our cable provider and my father in law cable provider is also time warner cable and he also has the same problem with them. We really are so disappointed with their service so to stop dealing with them, we just totally disconnect our service though we still keep their Internet service for now. Now it's time to look for a new cable service provider. I don't know if it's only us who has problem with time warner but we are really annoyed with their service. There was one time also that for almost 1 month we wasn't able to access the on demand channels. It's because they have problem with the dvr box and the technician who came to fixed it even have problem fixing it...(sigh) and they don't even deduct anything on our bill for their non-working service. But anyways, enough is enough we said we are not going to get any cable service with them again!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


1. Akron Art Museum- The Akron Art Museum features 20,000 square feet of gallery space dedicated to the display of its collection of art produced since 1850. The museum also hosts visiting shows from national and international collections.

• Akron Art Museum Collection: 1850-1950[2]

Art created between 1850 and 1950 graces the C. Blake McDowell, Jr. Galleries, located on the first floor of the museum’s 1899 Italian Renaissance revival style building. The first two rooms feature examples of turn-of-the-century realism and American impressionism. Two rooms explore modernism and regionalism in northeast Ohio from 1910 through 1950. A final room is dedicated entirely to the work of William Sommer, northeast Ohio’s most important historical artist. These galleries include paintings by Thomas Wilmer Dewing and Frederick C. Frieseke.

2. American Classical Music Hall of Fame and Museum- The American Classical Music Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates the individuals and institutions of the past and present that have made significant contributions to classical music. The hall of fame is located in Cincinnati Memorial Hall, next door to Music Hall in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati.

3. American Sign Museum- Founded in 1999 as the National Signs of the Times Museum, the American Sign Museum, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, preserves, archives, and displays a historical collection of signs in their many types and forms. The museum also displays the equipment utilized in the design and manufacture of signs, and profiles the people who have contributed to the industry. The museum is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and is only open by appointment at the current time.

4. Children's Museum of Cleveland- The Children's Museum of Cleveland, in the University Circle area of Cleveland, Ohio, is dedicated to helping young children develop physically, emotionally, and socially. It also encourages adults to aid children in their development. One permanent exhibit, Splish! Splash!, is designed to teach children, through interactive displays, about water transportation.

5. Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum- The Armstrong Air and Space Museum is a museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio the hometown of Neil Armstrong, first man to set foot on the moon. The museum chronicles Ohio's contributions to the history of space flight. Among the items on display are an F5D Skylancer, the Gemini VIII spacecraft in which he flew, Apollo 11 artifacts and a moon rock. In the museum's Astro-theater, multimedia presentations of the sights and sounds of space unfold against a starry background.

The Armstrong Museum is located just west of I-75 at exit 111 (Bellefontaine Street) in Wapakoneta.

6. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center- The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is a museum in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio based on the history of the Underground Railroad. The Center also pays tribute to all efforts to "abolish human enslavement and secure freedom for all people." Billed as part of a new group of "museums of conscience," along with the Museum of Tolerance, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the National Civil Rights Museum, the Center offers lessons on the struggle for freedom in the past, in the present, and for the future as it attempts to challenge visitors to contemplate the meaning of freedom in their own lives. Its location recognizes the significant role of Cincinnati, where thousands of slaves escaped to freedom by crossing the Ohio River, in the history of the Underground Railroad.

7. National Aviation Hall of Fame- The American National Aviation Hall of Fame is located at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, east Dayton, Ohio. It is open to the public. The Hall has inducted the following people, arranged in alphabetical order, with their year of induction in parentheses.

Buzz Aldrin (2000)
John R. Alison (2005)
William McPherson Allen (1971)
Frank M. Andrews (1986)
William Anders (2004)
Bud Anderson (2008)
Harry George Armstrong (1998)
Neil Alden Armstrong (1979)
Henry Harley Arnold (1967)
J. Leland Atwood (1984)
Bernt Balchen (1973)
Thomas Scott Baldwin (1964)
Lincoln Beachey (1966)
Olive Ann Beech (1981)
Walter Herschel Beech (1977)
Alexander Graham Bell (1965)
Lawrence Dale Bell (1977)
Giuseppe Mario Bellanca (1993)
Vincent Hugo Bendix (1991)
William Edward Boeing (1966)
Richard Bong (1986)
Frank Borman (1982)
Albert Boyd (1984)
Mark E. Bradley (1992)
George Scratchley Brown (1985)
Clayton J. Brukner (1997)
Richard Evelyn Byrd (1968)
Marion E. Carl (2001)
Eugene Cernan (2000)
Clyde Vernon Cessna (1978)
Clarence Duncan Chamberlin (1976)
Octave Chanute (1963)
Claire Lee Chennault (1972)
Jacqueline Cochran (1972)
Michael Collins (1985)
Bessie Coleman (2006)
Harry B. Combs (1996)
Charles Conrad (1980)
Laurence Craigie (2000)
Frederick C. Crawford (1993)
Scott Crossfield (1983)
Alfred Austell Cunningham (1965)
Glenn Hammond Curtiss (1964)
Herbert A. Dargue (1997)
Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. (1994)
Alexander P. de Seversky (1970)
James Harold Doolittle (1967)
Donald Wills Douglas, Sr. (1969)
Charles Stark Draper (1981)
Ira Clarence Eaker (1970)
Amelia Earhart (1968)
Carl Benjamin Eielson (1985)
Theodore Gordon Ellyson (1964)
Eugene Burton Ely (1965)
Joe H. Engle (2001)
Frank K. Everest (1989)
Sherman Mills Fairchild (1979)
Rueben Hollis Fleet (1975)
Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker (1980)
Henry Ford (1984)
Joseph Jacob Foss (1984)
Steve Fossett (2007)
Benjamin Foulois (1963)
Betty Skelton Frankman (2005)
William John Frye (1992)
Fitzhugh Fulton (1999)
Francis Stanley Gabreski (1978)
Dominic S. Gentile (1995)
Robert R. Gilruth (1994)
John Herschel Glenn (1976)
George William Goddard (1976)
Robert Hutchings Goddard (1966)
Arthur Godfrey (1987)
Barry Morris Goldwater (1982)
Virgil I. Grissom (1987)
Robert Ellsworth Gross (1970)
Leroy Randle Grumman (1972)
Harry Frank Guggenheim (1971)
Daniel J. Haughton (1987)
Albert Francis Hegenberger (1976)
Edward Henry Heinemann (1981)
David Lee Hill (2006)
Robert A. Hoover (1988)
Howard Hughes (1973)
David Sinton Ingalls (1983)
Daniel James (1993)
Elrey Borge Jeppesen (1990)
Clarence Leonard Johnson (1974)
Alvin M. Johnston (1993)
Thomas V. Jones (1992)
Herbert D. Kelleher (2008)
George Churchill Kenney (1971)
Charles Franklin Kettering (1979)
James Howard Kindelberger (1972)
Joe W. Kittinger (1997)
A. Roy Knabenshue (1965)
William J. "Pete" Knight (1988)
Frank Purdy Lahm (1963)
Samuel Pierpont Langley (1963)
William Power Lear (1978)
Curtis Emerson LeMay (1972)
Anthony William LeVier (1978)
Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1979)
Charles Augustus Lindbergh (1967)
Edwin Albert Link (1976)
Allan H. Lockheed (1986)
Grover Loening (1969)
Nancy Harkness Love (2005)
James Arthur Lovell (1998)
Raoul Gervais Lufbery (1998)
Frank Luke (1975)
Paul B. MacCready (1991)
John Arthur Macready (1968)
Glenn Luther Martin (1966)
David McCampbell (1996)
James Smith McDonnell (1977)
Thomas McGuire (2000)
John C. Meyer (1988)
William Mitchell (1966)
Marc A. Mitscher (1988)
William A. Moffett (2008)
John J. Montgomery (1964)
Thomas H. Moorer (1987)
Sanford Alexander Moss (1976)
Gerhard Neumann (1986)
Ruth Rowland Nichols (1992)
Carl L. Norden (1994)
John Knudsen Northrop (1974)
Robin Olds (2001)
Clyde Edward Pangborn (1995)
William Allan Patterson (1976)
Frank Piasecki (2002)
William Thomas Piper (1980)
Harold Frederick Pitcairn (1995)
Paul Poberezny (1999)
Wiley Hardeman Post (1969)
Harriet Quimby (2004)
Albert Cushing Read (1965)
Robert Campbell Reeve (1965)
Frederick Brant Rentschler (1982)
Ben Rich (2005)
Holden Chester Richardson (1978)
Edward Vernon Rickenbacker (1965)
Sally Ride (2007)
Jack Ridley (2004)
Cliff Robertson (2006)
Calbraith Perry Rodgers (1964)
Will Rogers (1977)
Robert A. Rushworth (1990)
Burt Rutan (1995)
Dick Rutan (2002)
T. Claude Ryan (1974)
Walter M. Schirra (1986)
Bernard Adolf Schriever (1980)
Thomas Etholen Selfridge (1965)
Alan Shepard (1977)
Igor Ivan Sikorsky (1968)
Robert Forman Six (1980)
Donald K. Slayton (1996)
C.R. Smith (1974)
Carl Andrew Spaatz (1967)
Elmer Ambrose Sperry (1973)
Lawrence Burst Sperry (1981)
Thomas P. Stafford (1997)
Robert M. Stanley (1990)
John Paul Stapp (1985)
Lloyd C. Stearman (1989)
James Stockdale (2002)
Charles Edward Taylor (1965)
Louise Thaden (1999)
Lowell Thomas (1992)
Paul W. Tibbets (1996)
John Henry Towers (1966)
Juan Terry Trippe (1970)
Sean D. Tucker (2008)
Roscoe Turner (1975)
Nathan Farragut Twining (1976)
Albert Lee Ueltschi (2001)
Hoyt S. Vandenberg (1991)
Wernher von Braun (1982)
Theodore von Kármán (1983)
Hans P. von Ohain (1990)
Chance M. Vought (1989)
Leigh Wade (1974)
Patty Wagstaff (2004)
Henry W. Walden (1964)
Edward Curtis Wells (1991)
Robert M. White (2006)
Sam Barlow Williams (1998)
Thornton Arnold Wilson (1983)
Collett Everman Woolman (1994)
Orville Wright (1962)
Wilbur Wright (1962)
Charles Elwood Yeager (1973)
John W. Young (1988)
Hubert Zemke (2002)

8. Pro Football Hall of Fame- The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the hall of fame of the National Football League (NFL). It opened in Canton, Ohio, United States, on September 7, 1963 with 17 charter inductees.[1] Through 2008, all but one of the player inductees played some part of their pro career in the NFL (the lone exception is Buffalo Bills guard Billy Shaw, who played his entire career in the American Football League (AFL) prior to the 1970 AFL-NFL merger). The Chicago Bears have the most Hall of Famers in the league at 26.

9. National Museum of the United States Air Force- The National Museum of the United States Air Force (formerly the United States Air Force Museum) is the official National Museum of the United States Air Force and is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio. The NMUSAF is the world's largest and oldest military aviation museum.[1] More than 400 aircraft and missiles are on display, most of them indoors. Admission is free.

10. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a museum located on the shores of Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, United States, dedicated to recording the history of some of the best-known and most influential artists, producers, and other people who have in some major way influenced the music industry, particularly in the area of rock and roll.

Friday, May 23, 2008


1. Aberdeen Baptist Church- It is said that when you pass the church in the evening, you will feel uneasy. 3 children apparations can be seen, 2 girls and a boy just standing outside the church. It is said that they vanish when you look at them. Also it is said that scream can be heard from inside the church at night. and some black birds flying in and outside the church, can be seen then vanish.

2. Arcbishop Hoban High School in Akron, Ohio- report said that on the feast of St. Joseph, a line of men wearing a dark priest robe can be seen walking through out the school looking for their old rooms. They have never been seen anywhere in the school. The men's locker room is believe to be haunted by a boy who played basketball for that school but died in a car accident in 1980's

3. The Ridges Old State Mental Hospital in Athens, Ohio- after being closed in 1980's believe its been haunted by locals.

4. Avon Lake High School in Avon, Ohio- A ghost was seen in the auditorium of the school. Students and teachers hear loud banging noises and seen mysterious light. They said an old janitor died there in early 90's and come back to take care of the school.

5. Hells Church in Batavia,Ohio- On the entrance ramp to state route 32 leaving Batavia there is an access road to the left where an old car dealership used to be follow that road to its end take a left and follow the trail to the old chimney standing by itself in the field this is where the church used to be 20 years ago it stood painted red with stained glass windows it stands no more because of a bolt of lightning burned it to the ground one night during a blood ritual on all hallows eve this was at one time a heavy party spot to hang around until strange and unusual things happened like floating orbs and shrill screams ,vehicles driving up behind you that aren’t really there. Today all that stands is the chimney of the old church and grass will not grow on the old areas of the altar.

6. King's Island theme park, Cincinnati, Ohio- A little girl's spirit is said to haunt King's Island along with several other ghosts. The girl has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a pretty blue dress. She has been seen playing around in Water Works and scares tram drivers by playing hide-and-seek with them after the park is closed. She is thought to be buried in the cemetery that is located between the parking lot and the campgrounds which is on King's Island property.

Another ghost haunted the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. This ghost is thought to be the spirit of a young man who in a drunken stupor tried to climb the tower and fell to his death. It seems though that he has left. There is the ghost known as "the Beast" which haunts the roller coaster with the same name. Several guests have seen this ghost. There is a ghost that supposedly died on the ride "the Octopus". There are many other spirits that roam this Paramount theme park.

7.Cry Baby Bridge in Abbeyville, Ohio- On Abbeyville Road in Abbeyville, Ohio locals believe that one of their bridges is a cry baby bridge. The story claims that a young woman was pregnant during the 1950's and managed to hide it until the child was born. She then went to the bridge and threw her baby over the side. Now if you dare to leave your car turned off under the cry baby bridge, it will refuse to start. Later you will hear the sounds of a baby crying in the area. There is also a church that can be found next to the bridge, which is supposed to be haunted. Many believe that when you park under the bridge, your car will not start again unless it is removed from underneath the bridge. There are also claims that a baby can be heard crying in the middle of the night when no one is in sight.

8. Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio- The carriage house and the ballroom on the third floor has been the site of many odd occurrences. Hamlin Hall is said to be haunted by a man who passed away within the building. Cold spots can be felt about the stairwell and his ghost has been sighted around the area, disappearing just as quickly as he was spotted.

9. The Green Acres Childrens Home in Oberlin, Ohio- has been haunted for some time now. It is said that the place has been a site for many strange occurrences throughout the years. Claims of the spirit of a 6-year-old haunting the house have been reported. Slamming doors without reason have been documented, as well as a strange, dark vibe that is felt when venturing into the basement area. A young girl even claimed to have been attacked by an unknown force while in the basement, flung against walls during her ordeal.

10. Beaver Creek, Carpenter Road, Ohio- It is said that in the mid 70's a man hung himself from one of the tress near the bend. During foggy nights, it is said that you could see that man's shadow walking and hear it moaning.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. "When you love, you should be ready to let go for when love don't work its not hard to let go".

2. "Rejection hurts, But being fooled hurts more".

3. “Don't pretend you're not hurt when you're hurt. Don't pretend you're strong when you are weak. Don't pretend youre happy when you're sad because if you keep pretending you will be alone with your misery!”

4. “It's a long and winding road before you finally find peace.”

5. “In making decision you only have two choices, good or bad”

6. “When you cheat with your spouse, you also cheated with God's law”

7. “Living a Life without God is living a life closer to Hell”

8. “When Jesus Christ died on the cross, He not only show the greatest love of all but He also teaches us that we are sinners that are save by His Blood.”

9. “Its hard to love when you can't forgive”

10. “Learn from your mistake instead of blaming yourself.”

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6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

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Monday, May 19, 2008


This is a home made cleanser i research and tried and really works good.

1 Teaspoon Yogurt
1/2 Teaspoon mayonnaise
1/2 Teaspoon finely ground oatmeal

Grind the oatmel in a food processor and mix all ingredients together and massage it to the face. Remove with warm water and a washcloth. The oatmel will acts as a skin softener, while the oils in the mayonnaise moisturizes the skin.


Finally i got a $10 kmart gift card from my points. Its not a lot because i only use 1,500 of my points to get the gift card. But its worth it, i never have to spend a single dime to get that $10. Although of course i have to spend 1 or 2 minutes to click their bonus mail everyday. And thats it, my next target is getting the $50 kmart gift card or the target gift card but of course it needs a lot of points before i could exchange it for rewards. Theres a variety of merchant choices you could chose to redeem your points and get your reward. So im enjoying this site and it don't really take long to get points because every mail is 5 points and usually they send 2 or 3 mails everyday. So if you are interested to join just contact me and i will send the invite to your mail.

Sunday, May 18, 2008



1 Teaspoon Yogurt
1 Egg White
1 Teaspoon Milk of Magnesia (unflavored)

Mix together and massage all over the face. Remove with warm water and a washcloth. If skin is very oily and acne is present, allow the cleanser to dry for 5 minutes before removing. This recipe makes enough cleanser to last three or four days. Simply store in a small plastic container and keep refrigerated.

Friday, May 16, 2008


This ways are my personal idea base on experienced. It works for me so i guess it will also work on someone.

1. BE ANGRY- Show that you are angry to the one who causes you pain. Say everything you want to say. If yelling helps then do it, just be angry and voice out all your anger. Don't be a hypocrite thinking its not right to yell or scream. When you're angry then you are angry, don't stop voicing out your anger. Be sure you tell everything and voice out everything. Make sure that the person who hurt you knows your point.Don't stop till you are satisfied with what you are trying to say.

2. SHUT UP- After voicing out your anger then its time for you to shut up. Try to calm down and relax. Be sure to have your blood to a normal level. Calm down and just be quiet.

3. CRY- After your calm from being angry and you have your blood pressure back to normal already then its time for you to cry. The tears are the pain you are feeling. Release the pain through crying. Don't hold it back, cry as long as you could still feel the pain is too much to take. Weep until the pain subsides.

4. GET UP- After being so down from crying, its time for you to get up. Rise up and stand in your feet again. Let go of the pain, get over it. Fix yourself and look pretty.

5. FACE THE WORLD AGAIN- Finally its time for you to face the world again but this time have a determination and courage that through it all you was able to make it. Trust yourself and give credit to yourself for overcoming the pain. Your heart was broken but you manage to overcome it.It may not totally heal right away but as long as you are determine to forget the pain, time will heal it. Be happy and open your heart to the person who deserve you.

My New Blog

As my Blog title says "My Blogs, My Rule" so it means, critics are not welcome on this Blog. This will be my Blogs of different things that i usually have interest. But for now, im introducing this site to the world of Blogging. Im not really good on Blogging but will try to do my best to keep readers interested on whatever i will post here. This Blog will be updated daily and will post different topics each day so as not to make the readers bored. I will try to keep it as interesting as i could but of course i know a person cannot please everybody so thats why im not welcoming any critics here in this particular blog. Well, its kind of late here now, and im kind of dozing off already so i better get ready for bed. Happy Blogging Everyone!